Tim Lawson


Tim has been married for 25 years to his wife Eileen and they have 3 children Billy, Ashleigh, and Abigail. They have 4 grandchildren Lydia, Kinley, Elijah, and Chet.

Tim is a professional Health and Life consultant who specializes in Long Term Care and Business Succession Planning. Tim’s passion is to help seniors protect their assets and plan for peaceful retirement years. He loves working in the Senior market helping families resolve the issue of Long Term Care. He is also passionate about small business owners, helping them protect the survival of their business by creating an appropriate plan of action by guiding them through
the decision making process when it comes time to retire or a sudden death or disability occurs.

Tim is a small business owner and has a Real Estate license also. Tim is also a Pastor and works passionately with returning citizens after they have served out their sentencing. He volunteers in specialize prison ministry training and teaching life skill classes in the Arkansas Prison system. Tim is also a mentor to many individuals helping them find jobs, homes, resources.

Tim stands by a Zig Zigler statement, “If you help enough people get what they want in life, you will receive all that you want out of life.


Email Address tim.lawson@earthlink.net

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Tim Lawson


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